Automatic Tablet Printing Machine

Abhisara International is specialized in the manufacturing of printing machines for the pharmaceutical industry. Not only the medical products itself but also their packaging can be printed with our technology in printing.

There is a standard range of several models for printing tablets, soft gelatine capsules, hard gel caps, freezedried products.

For the packaging (blister, foil, etc…) we can build a machine accordingly your needs (a stand-alone type or a linear component of your overall concept) based on a combination of various technologies.

The tablet printing machine is designed for one or double-sided printing in one or several colours.
* All forms of tablets, soft & hard gels, caplets can be printed.
* In function of tablet size and shape, the printing capacity is 100 000 – 400 000 pieces/hr.

Benefits of printing on tablets

  • Protect your product from counterfeiting
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Print bar and data-matrix codes
  • Differentiate your product
  • This ultra-high quality printing machine is built in accordance with FDA-regulations and is cGMP-5 compliant (CFR21, part11).

Key Points:

  • Ultra High Resolution Printing (up to 0,1mm)
  • Servo-electric controlled printing head
  • Quick changeover of change parts (<15min)
  • Easy cleaning
  • CFR 21, part11 compliancy
  • Integrated camera inspection in option
  • Integrated individual rejection in option
  • Validation documents in option
  • FDA approved printing pads
  • Double sided & multi-colour printing in option

The patented print technology (PI/450-CME) offers the following advantages:

  • high resolution up to 0,1 mm
  • continuous stability of the print process thanks to constant ink viscosity level

(no evaporation of the solvents thanks to the closed ink cups => also less waste of ink)

  • correct print at the required position on the tablet
  • printing with solvent based or water based edible inks
  • printing pads with FDA certificate
  • print capacity up to 250 000 / 400 000 pieces per hour
  • all kinds of formats or sizes can be printed

(small and vulnerable tablets, freeze-dried tablets, oblong tablets, tablets with break line, etc…)

  • very short change-over time and very easy cleaning
  • camera system with reject of eventual bad tablets at individual level
  • second camera for reject control
  • cGMP / GAMP compliant (software compliant to 21 CFR part 11)
  • internal validation process available
  • ergonomic place-saving design