Automatic Tube Cutting

Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

Abhisara International is one of the manufacturers & suppliers of Tube Cutting Machine. We have various range of Tube Cutting Machines like Manual Tube Cutting Machine, Automatic Tube Cutting Machine, Semi-Automatic Tube Cutting Machine, etc.

For those looking for a tube cutting solution, a fully automatic option can offer the flexibility and capability to meet a diverse set of application specifications. Our automatic dual-tube cutting machine can further expand the capabilities of a shop by allowing single or dual tube cutting.

Automatic Dual Tube Cutting Machine Features

Our Automatic Tube Cutting Machine allows users great flexibility. With an automatic loading magazine that can accommodate tubing and solid bars up to 6.5 meters in length as well as automatic single or double tube loading, feeding and sewing machines, this tube cutting machine is a workhorse.

This Cutting Machine is Suitable for non-stop, 24-hour operation this machine features dynamic cutting, electric axes, and automatic separation of working pieces and first crop.

It also offers electric servo controlled feeding and cutting, a floating feeding carriage, and a patented backlash elimination system.

Our Tube Cutting Machine can be mainly used to cut copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel tubes, and rods. kinds of tubes with different shapes and different materials.

Technical Specifications

  1. Power supply: Triphase 380V, 50Hz
  2. Rated power: 1.6KW
  3. Air supply: 5 -7kg/cm2
  4. Efficiency: 30000pcs – 50000pcs (╬Ž8.0mm copper tube)
  5. Size (LxWxH) :1500x800x1500(mm)
  6. Weight: 550kg