Box Stretch Wrapping Machine with Power Pre-Stretch

Product Specification

Turntable Diameter400 Mm
Turntable Speed30 RPM
Machine Column Height2000 Mm
Work Table Height550 Mm
Machine Total DimensionL 1400 Mm X 600 Mm W X 2500 Mm H
Machine Weight200 Kg
Air Pressure4 Kg/Cm2-8 Kg/Cm2 ( Air Compressor Required )
Product WeightMaximum 60 Kg
Product Size Max1000 Mm X 1000 Mm X 1000 Mm
Product Size Min300 Mm X 300 Mm X 300 Mm
Product Height1000 Mm

Product Description

Abhisara International is superior quality wrapping machine having enough strength to reach your packing demands.
This Wrapping machine is Very easy to use with less maintenance efficiently wrap your product.

  • This will save time & labour with neat operation.
  • Save wasted of tapping & strapping material happens during manual operation.
  • Help to Finish look & safety of the products

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