Stenter Machine

Description of Stenter Machine

The stenter is that the costliest and momentous finishing machine. This machine is an electrical machine for stretching or stenting thin fabrics within the Textile industry. This stenter machine is well-known within the woolen industry as ‘Tender ’. Stenting is one in every of a series of textile finishing processes, where the protection of properly exposed-width fabric is kept at a predetermined width, in order that the cotton fabric will be compressed to the correct width and weft following the identical width. Which maintains the chemical performance on the material by ensuring the predetermined dimension of the material following the client’s demand.

The machine is provided to feed the material to permit the specified compression during the complete setting of the material, while the width is increased by the chains to the suitable value. The assembly of textiles requires a final process, which involves the transformation of a cloth into a useful material. Stenter speeds range from a minimum of 10 meters for heavyweight furnishing fabrics to 100 meters for uncommon clothing.

Stenter Machine Types:

There are two types of tenter or stenter depending on the grip medium on the fabric chain, pin stenter and clip stenter. Which carries the fabric keeping in mind the specific width. In clip stenters the clips are divided into two sections, the upper open or closed position and the lower. The pin stenter has 5 mm long pins, mounted in two rows, about 3-4 pins / cm, working with the base plate.

Components of Stenter Machine

The Stenter machine we manufacture are used not only as a dryer but also for many purposes. These Machine Following is used for the purposes:

  • Heat setting
  • Pigment application
  • Heat recovery
  • Attraction rollers
  • Finish the chemical application
  • Clips
  • Pins
  • Drying
  • Heat setting
  • Width control

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