Water Bottle Labeling Machine

Water Bottle Labeling Machine
Water Bottle Labeling Machine

Water Bottle Labeling Machine is one of the most users friendly. The machine is used for full/partial labeling on different sizes of flat or rectangular containers. The automatic model is equipped with a roller spacing device resulting in a simple operation with “No change parts required”.


  • The filled and sealed bottle is conveyed from the Conveyor and on the same conveyor one bottle separator attachment is provided to separate the bottle from continuous movement. A sensor provided to sense the product after sensing the sensor give the command to operate steeper or servo motor to release a label when one label is stuck the gap sensor give the command to stop the servo or stepper during releasing of label provision of the brush to press the label & remove the air between label & bottle after completion of the cycle one operation of labeling is finish & conveyor bring the bottle for next operation.

Product Details:

Automation gradeAutomatic
Voltage240 V
PhaseSingle Phase
Frequency50 Hz
Power1.5 kW
Power SourceElectric
Output2400 to 3600 Per Hour
ControllingMicroprocessor based control