Pneumatic Brake

Pneumatic brakes are popularly called as Air brakes. Abhisara International manufactured within the widest range with electronics to match for continuous slip braking applications at medium power levels. These high-performance, dual disc brakes are characterized by their ability to perform right down to zero speed in open loop or closed-loop system modes of operation

A brake which uses air as working fluid may be a pneumatic brake. The system actuated to use this phenomenon is understood as Pneumatic brakes . A pneumatic brake or a compressed Air brakes , may be a sort of friction brake for vehicles during which compressed Air pressing on piston is employed to use the brake pad to prevent the vehicle.

A brake may be a device by means of which frictional resistance is applies to a moving machine member, so as to retard or stop the motion of a machine. most ordinarily brakes use friction between two surfaces pressed together to convert the K.E. of the moving object into heat hamper the motion of the vehicle.

It’s been supplemented with valves that accelerate the outflow of air from the circuits, at the top of the braking process. This leads to a faster release of the friction lining pressure.

Pneumatic brakes of varied sizes and kinds are available to suit any applications.They are simple to use, easy to exchange wiped out brakes pads.Brakes come fully assembled, able to fit and straightforward mounting.These brakes are mainly used as actuators for Un – winder applications.

Electro Magnetic Brake

EMP Brakes provide stability of control of driving or braking torque. it offers fast response and constant torque.

The basic elements of an Air brake include:

  • Air compressor,
  • pressure regulator,
  • basic brake valve,
  • parking brake valve,
  • four-circuit relief valve ,
  • Air tank,
  • drainage valve,
  • mechanical braking force regulator,
  • brake cylinder,
  • double-acting hydraulic brake cylinder.